Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: The Social Network

The social network (2010)
Biographic drama
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake
Rated: M
My Rating: M
Long story short: Masterpiece!

"You better lawer up asshole because i'm coming back not for just 3% but for everything!"-Eduardo saverin

A couple of months back in the time of 2010 the social network was extremly popular with more mature adult types of people who dont have facbook rather than the 500 million kids who spend their spare time on face book with nothing better to do. I would have thought that they would be intrested how it all began like me.
I dont actually have a facebook profile but it is one of the most popular sites in exsitence providing a worldwide experience witch is one of the reasond mark zuckerberg is such  a millionare.

It would be hard to say how many people log into facebook every day but personally i would say near about 900,000 at least a day.
Still even though facebook has provided many murders i can see why it is such a popular site, It has:

#1-A social experience online that alows users to communicate with community members of their choice.

#2-The ability to keep up with all of the activity of movies if you follow them (Or is that twitter?...)

#3-You have the one oppotunity in your life to get five hunderd million freinds in two wekks even though the downside to that is that you dont make 500 million freinds without making a few enemies.

But most important:

#4-A good structure just like the movie; As shown in the movie Mark took everything slowly.

#1-He started with practise with making unimportant websites to him.

#2-He started with only harvard

#3-He recruited more team members

#4-He Widened the webstites boundarys to more college's

#5-He got it worldwide

#6-He got his own headquarters(Pretty awesome!)

So thats why every thing went so well with face book. My fav scene in tthe film had to be Eduardo's thrilling exit at the end because it is one of those where it just leaves you hanging but if you go back it shows what happens after with the court and stuff wich is frequently shown throughout the movie.

-Jayden out PEACE!

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