Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Gnomeo and Juliet

        Gnomeo and Juliet(2011)
Stars:I have no idea
My rating:G
Quote: "I'M STILL ALIVE!!!"
Long story short: More of a kiddy film

When i was maybe about five or six years old i wondered what happened to my toys whenever i left the room, Still that is something i sit here and wonder about after all these years and what better movie to remind me about my childhood theorys than new animation flick Gnomeo and Juliet.

Now lets just get this straight: I dont actually have any garden gnomes on my property and i really dont want to really. But before i tell you about the movie i am reviewing i will tell you how my theory in the above paragraph started.
One day one of my family members freinds asked me if two of my toys from toy story talked to eachother whenever i left the room wich if my life was a movie the awnser would be yes.
And that is another theory i made when i was eight:Am i living in a Video game or a movie OR maybe even a book (See stranger than fiction for more details)But i dont hear anybody narrating my lifeLOL.
BUT i guess thats just life.

Anyway enough of my theorys lets get on to Gnomeo and Juliet wich was what brought the subject up anyway.
What do you get when you put toy story and romeo and juliet together?
The awnser is Gnomeo and Juliet!!!!Surpire Surprise!!!!

Gnomeo is a blue, Juliet is a red who is treated like a rained on piece of s*it. Reds and blues are at war and as said in the opening of the film nobody kows how it began (If i written it it would be over a doughnut just for laughs!!!:D)Anyway the two rivals meet and are unaware of there rivalry (Counting they were both wearing black.)So immedietly they have crushes on eachother until they see their true colours wich are blue and red!LOL!
But they are just saying that they hate eachother because on the inside they will always like eachother, anyway the secret spills and lawnmower incident kills a rival gnomeo NEARLY dies, Juliet Nearly dies but i wont give away to many spoilers but it is a very predictable ending and i like how gnomeo nearly dies and after surviving he talks to a statue of shakesspear who tells him the story of romeo and juliet and the fatal ending.
This is certainly a good movie to watch with kids who will probaly enjoy it alot more.

-Jayden out PEACE!

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