Saturday, July 2, 2011

Game review: GTA San Andreas

Welcome to the first jaydenfilms game review, YAY!!!! This isa pretty much the same as my movie reviews except for games!!!

GTA San Andreas
My rating:MA
Publishers: Rockstar games

GTA San Andreas is an superbly made game and is indeed a classic. Carl jonson is a black boy born in los santos and is returning home only for that poor fucker to miss his apparently dead mothers funeral.
Like any grand theft auto game when it comes to missions the game gets sidetracked alot as the game starts from killing the guys who killed his mother to taking over hood to finding his freinds are traitors to him and then it just becomes pointless and confusing though that will never stop it from becoming a good game.
That is the end of my short review so by for now.

And a special thanks to my friend jayden who TRIED to help me make this review.

-Jayden out

Friday, April 29, 2011

Scream 4 Review

Scream 4 (2011)
Slasher, horror, thriller
Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox
My rating: MA15+(Mild bloody violence and language)
Long story short:Not great but ejoyable

"Ive given you a good role in the movie so play it, your the dumb blond with the big tits!"-Ghostface

I actuall saw this a while back but i have been busy so i have not been able to come back here and post the review.
Well what i like about this is that it has all the main origional cast in this like the others and some new BUT familiar faces like Rory Culkin, Erik knudsen and Hayden pantenirre or whatever because ive seen all them in films before though they're not in many films.
From about three quarters in the film i figured out who the killer was and i was surprisingly right but for most the film i was trying to figure out who the accomplice will be though scream 3 was Just roman on his own ulike the first two SCREAM films. And sure enough there was and accomplice and when i found out who it was i was shocked like i mean its the last person you expect like in scream 2 i had trouble figuring out both of them and when gale walked out i was shocked BUT luckily it wasn't gale.
From the last about fifteen minutes At the hospital i felt it was dragging along like why didn't the killers kill everyone at the party then they had a chance and that dicked accomplice pushed it too far trying to cover up the evidence and like why didn't she just fucking kill sidney when she had the chance?
Any way the plot is that several years after the events of scream three there have numerous STAB films and apparently STAB 5 has time travel in it!, Sidney has returned to promote her new self help book but the previous night before the woodsboro murders anniversary there has been a murder with blood and evidence in sidney's rental car wich forces the police to keep sidney in town because: ''Everyone's a suspect."So there is sidney (campbell), Gale (cox)And Dewey(Arquette) A couple of geeks (Culkin, Knudsen) and some other cool charecters that all get killed of one by one, Blah blah blah, End of story.
So overall this may not be the best in the series but it was very enjoyable and i class it has the secong best following the origional SCREAM.

Jayden out-

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: The Social Network

The social network (2010)
Biographic drama
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake
Rated: M
My Rating: M
Long story short: Masterpiece!

"You better lawer up asshole because i'm coming back not for just 3% but for everything!"-Eduardo saverin

A couple of months back in the time of 2010 the social network was extremly popular with more mature adult types of people who dont have facbook rather than the 500 million kids who spend their spare time on face book with nothing better to do. I would have thought that they would be intrested how it all began like me.
I dont actually have a facebook profile but it is one of the most popular sites in exsitence providing a worldwide experience witch is one of the reasond mark zuckerberg is such  a millionare.

It would be hard to say how many people log into facebook every day but personally i would say near about 900,000 at least a day.
Still even though facebook has provided many murders i can see why it is such a popular site, It has:

#1-A social experience online that alows users to communicate with community members of their choice.

#2-The ability to keep up with all of the activity of movies if you follow them (Or is that twitter?...)

#3-You have the one oppotunity in your life to get five hunderd million freinds in two wekks even though the downside to that is that you dont make 500 million freinds without making a few enemies.

But most important:

#4-A good structure just like the movie; As shown in the movie Mark took everything slowly.

#1-He started with practise with making unimportant websites to him.

#2-He started with only harvard

#3-He recruited more team members

#4-He Widened the webstites boundarys to more college's

#5-He got it worldwide

#6-He got his own headquarters(Pretty awesome!)

So thats why every thing went so well with face book. My fav scene in tthe film had to be Eduardo's thrilling exit at the end because it is one of those where it just leaves you hanging but if you go back it shows what happens after with the court and stuff wich is frequently shown throughout the movie.

-Jayden out PEACE!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review: Gnomeo and Juliet

        Gnomeo and Juliet(2011)
Stars:I have no idea
My rating:G
Quote: "I'M STILL ALIVE!!!"
Long story short: More of a kiddy film

When i was maybe about five or six years old i wondered what happened to my toys whenever i left the room, Still that is something i sit here and wonder about after all these years and what better movie to remind me about my childhood theorys than new animation flick Gnomeo and Juliet.

Now lets just get this straight: I dont actually have any garden gnomes on my property and i really dont want to really. But before i tell you about the movie i am reviewing i will tell you how my theory in the above paragraph started.
One day one of my family members freinds asked me if two of my toys from toy story talked to eachother whenever i left the room wich if my life was a movie the awnser would be yes.
And that is another theory i made when i was eight:Am i living in a Video game or a movie OR maybe even a book (See stranger than fiction for more details)But i dont hear anybody narrating my lifeLOL.
BUT i guess thats just life.

Anyway enough of my theorys lets get on to Gnomeo and Juliet wich was what brought the subject up anyway.
What do you get when you put toy story and romeo and juliet together?
The awnser is Gnomeo and Juliet!!!!Surpire Surprise!!!!

Gnomeo is a blue, Juliet is a red who is treated like a rained on piece of s*it. Reds and blues are at war and as said in the opening of the film nobody kows how it began (If i written it it would be over a doughnut just for laughs!!!:D)Anyway the two rivals meet and are unaware of there rivalry (Counting they were both wearing black.)So immedietly they have crushes on eachother until they see their true colours wich are blue and red!LOL!
But they are just saying that they hate eachother because on the inside they will always like eachother, anyway the secret spills and lawnmower incident kills a rival gnomeo NEARLY dies, Juliet Nearly dies but i wont give away to many spoilers but it is a very predictable ending and i like how gnomeo nearly dies and after surviving he talks to a statue of shakesspear who tells him the story of romeo and juliet and the fatal ending.
This is certainly a good movie to watch with kids who will probaly enjoy it alot more.

-Jayden out PEACE!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Paul

Stars: Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost
My rating:M15+(Violence, Strong language, sexual references)
Quote:"Anyone want one of these?"
Long story short:HILARIOUS!!!

So in the movie world there is talk about a new movie called paul starring Seth Rogen(Knocked up, the green hornet) Simon pegg(Shaun of the dead,Hot fuzz) and Nick frost (Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz) Most people has been saying that it is a great movie, but you may not belive them but i am telling you right here right now that this is a 100%FUNNY AS movie!

So Graeme(Pegg) and Clive(Frost) are two british geeks who travel to america for comic-con and then plan to go to the signs at area 51. When they arive at the signs the are in a crash and uncover an alien named paul(Voiced by Rogen) who's spaceship landed on a dog many years before and ever since has been working in area 51 not realising that he has been a prisioner (He realises soon enough) And he asks the 2 geeks to get him back home to his spaceship.

                                                    Graeme Willy and clive Gollings wondering around america during comic con

The acting is brilliant and looks very easy to act to (Even easier for seth rogen coz he is a voice) And the costumes at comic con are pretty cool and like the animations and drawings are all brilliant i think lots of people will enjoy PAUL maybe even you will.

-Jayden out PEACE!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ANOTHER new title

Yes and it shall be called ♥Jayden films♥!!! coz that is my first name and i love movies.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 5 movie scenes

5: A nightmare on elm street 3: the dream warriors. (jennifers death scene)
One word: clever

4:Scooby-doo 2: Monsters unleashed(End scene)

This was the only pic i could find that was near the end

3:Toy story 3(Ending)

very very sad but it was at the same time, excellent

2: Scary movie 4(intro)

funny as hey???????????????
1: Blades of glory (T.V scene)

I don't wanna give away spoilers

so that is my list seeya
-Jayden out.


BORAT(2006) Stars:Sacha Baron Cohen
My rating:MA15+(Frequent coarse language, Strong sexual references, Comedic violence, Nudity)
Directed by:Larry Charles.

Now i dont really watch much sacha baron cohen but after watching this i am tempted to. Before you go watch this movie expecting just an average comedy you may want to think again because there is some use of the penis and borat makes some outragous and rude jokes, Still that is not all, Borat and azmat say LOTS of rasict joke for example:When borat and azmat sleep over at that house soon realising that the house is full of jews, sending the 2 crazy and they run away and the next day BORAT asks for a gun to kill jews with but the gun man says not because he is not american otherwise he probally would of gave it to him!LOL! Baron cohen pulls off a brilliant performance with fellow cast mates who i had never heard of before. But from looking at the poster you may think of BORAT as a film with no plot at all. Well it does have a plot but tends to get off task frequently and distract you from the true meaning of the film wich is probaly a good thing in this cas because if that didn't happen this film would be a slow boring and only slightly funny comedy. So i recommend BORAT to the people who are one hundred percent immature because you would be the only people who liked it, like me.
-Jayden out.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Scream 4 trailer


Childs play remake turned down

A couple of years ago we heard that there will be a scaryu remake of the beloved horror classic, Childs play. But news has been slow with this remake and all we got was this poster:

Not good enough hey???? Well if you get any updates on the remake please notify Awsome Inc.
-Jayden out

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The number 23 review

The number 23 (2007)
Stars:Jim Carrey
My rating:MA15+(Disturbing images, Violence, Language, Sexual references, Gore)
Stars: 2.5/5
Directed by:Joel Schumacher

My first reviews will be jim carrey movies that i adore alot. The thing is with Carrey is that it is very rare he pulls of a bad act in a movie that hge stars in. And he has very different style in movies, Jim Carrey can be the crazy and serious role.

Robin Williams can be the 24/7 crazy role
Michael Cera can be the frequently shy and confused role
Will Ferrell can be the seriously crazy guy role.
See what i mean?

Though be wartned comedy and Jim Carrey fans this is not a comedy like i expected it to be, It is a phsycho drama filled with puzzling puzzles that all have something to do with the number 23.
"The number 23?" You ask, "Yes the number 23" I reply, "But why?"You ask. WELL JUST READ YOU DUMMY! We have walter sparrow(Carrey) that recaps his birthday and how he gets a book entitled the number 23.