Friday, April 29, 2011

Scream 4 Review

Scream 4 (2011)
Slasher, horror, thriller
Stars: Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courtney Cox
My rating: MA15+(Mild bloody violence and language)
Long story short:Not great but ejoyable

"Ive given you a good role in the movie so play it, your the dumb blond with the big tits!"-Ghostface

I actuall saw this a while back but i have been busy so i have not been able to come back here and post the review.
Well what i like about this is that it has all the main origional cast in this like the others and some new BUT familiar faces like Rory Culkin, Erik knudsen and Hayden pantenirre or whatever because ive seen all them in films before though they're not in many films.
From about three quarters in the film i figured out who the killer was and i was surprisingly right but for most the film i was trying to figure out who the accomplice will be though scream 3 was Just roman on his own ulike the first two SCREAM films. And sure enough there was and accomplice and when i found out who it was i was shocked like i mean its the last person you expect like in scream 2 i had trouble figuring out both of them and when gale walked out i was shocked BUT luckily it wasn't gale.
From the last about fifteen minutes At the hospital i felt it was dragging along like why didn't the killers kill everyone at the party then they had a chance and that dicked accomplice pushed it too far trying to cover up the evidence and like why didn't she just fucking kill sidney when she had the chance?
Any way the plot is that several years after the events of scream three there have numerous STAB films and apparently STAB 5 has time travel in it!, Sidney has returned to promote her new self help book but the previous night before the woodsboro murders anniversary there has been a murder with blood and evidence in sidney's rental car wich forces the police to keep sidney in town because: ''Everyone's a suspect."So there is sidney (campbell), Gale (cox)And Dewey(Arquette) A couple of geeks (Culkin, Knudsen) and some other cool charecters that all get killed of one by one, Blah blah blah, End of story.
So overall this may not be the best in the series but it was very enjoyable and i class it has the secong best following the origional SCREAM.

Jayden out-

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