Saturday, July 2, 2011

Game review: GTA San Andreas

Welcome to the first jaydenfilms game review, YAY!!!! This isa pretty much the same as my movie reviews except for games!!!

GTA San Andreas
My rating:MA
Publishers: Rockstar games

GTA San Andreas is an superbly made game and is indeed a classic. Carl jonson is a black boy born in los santos and is returning home only for that poor fucker to miss his apparently dead mothers funeral.
Like any grand theft auto game when it comes to missions the game gets sidetracked alot as the game starts from killing the guys who killed his mother to taking over hood to finding his freinds are traitors to him and then it just becomes pointless and confusing though that will never stop it from becoming a good game.
That is the end of my short review so by for now.

And a special thanks to my friend jayden who TRIED to help me make this review.

-Jayden out