Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The number 23 review

The number 23 (2007)
Stars:Jim Carrey
My rating:MA15+(Disturbing images, Violence, Language, Sexual references, Gore)
Stars: 2.5/5
Directed by:Joel Schumacher

My first reviews will be jim carrey movies that i adore alot. The thing is with Carrey is that it is very rare he pulls of a bad act in a movie that hge stars in. And he has very different style in movies, Jim Carrey can be the crazy and serious role.

Robin Williams can be the 24/7 crazy role
Michael Cera can be the frequently shy and confused role
Will Ferrell can be the seriously crazy guy role.
See what i mean?

Though be wartned comedy and Jim Carrey fans this is not a comedy like i expected it to be, It is a phsycho drama filled with puzzling puzzles that all have something to do with the number 23.
"The number 23?" You ask, "Yes the number 23" I reply, "But why?"You ask. WELL JUST READ YOU DUMMY! We have walter sparrow(Carrey) that recaps his birthday and how he gets a book entitled the number 23.

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