Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Paul

Stars: Seth Rogen, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost
My rating:M15+(Violence, Strong language, sexual references)
Quote:"Anyone want one of these?"
Long story short:HILARIOUS!!!

So in the movie world there is talk about a new movie called paul starring Seth Rogen(Knocked up, the green hornet) Simon pegg(Shaun of the dead,Hot fuzz) and Nick frost (Shaun of the dead, Hot fuzz) Most people has been saying that it is a great movie, but you may not belive them but i am telling you right here right now that this is a 100%FUNNY AS movie!

So Graeme(Pegg) and Clive(Frost) are two british geeks who travel to america for comic-con and then plan to go to the signs at area 51. When they arive at the signs the are in a crash and uncover an alien named paul(Voiced by Rogen) who's spaceship landed on a dog many years before and ever since has been working in area 51 not realising that he has been a prisioner (He realises soon enough) And he asks the 2 geeks to get him back home to his spaceship.

                                                    Graeme Willy and clive Gollings wondering around america during comic con

The acting is brilliant and looks very easy to act to (Even easier for seth rogen coz he is a voice) And the costumes at comic con are pretty cool and like the animations and drawings are all brilliant i think lots of people will enjoy PAUL maybe even you will.

-Jayden out PEACE!

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