Tuesday, February 8, 2011


BORAT(2006) Stars:Sacha Baron Cohen
My rating:MA15+(Frequent coarse language, Strong sexual references, Comedic violence, Nudity)
Directed by:Larry Charles.

Now i dont really watch much sacha baron cohen but after watching this i am tempted to. Before you go watch this movie expecting just an average comedy you may want to think again because there is some use of the penis and borat makes some outragous and rude jokes, Still that is not all, Borat and azmat say LOTS of rasict joke for example:When borat and azmat sleep over at that house soon realising that the house is full of jews, sending the 2 crazy and they run away and the next day BORAT asks for a gun to kill jews with but the gun man says not because he is not american otherwise he probally would of gave it to him!LOL! Baron cohen pulls off a brilliant performance with fellow cast mates who i had never heard of before. But from looking at the poster you may think of BORAT as a film with no plot at all. Well it does have a plot but tends to get off task frequently and distract you from the true meaning of the film wich is probaly a good thing in this cas because if that didn't happen this film would be a slow boring and only slightly funny comedy. So i recommend BORAT to the people who are one hundred percent immature because you would be the only people who liked it, like me.
-Jayden out.

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